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Create Less-than-truckload and truckload Bills of Lading on the web

The bill of lading serves as the contract for carriage, receipt for goods and to document the title to the goods.  The carrier issues the bill of lading according to the information in a dock receipt or, in many cases, according to a completed working copy of the bill of lading supplied by the shipper.

BLGen enables shippers, consignees, 3PL's and carriers to gain control of their inbound and outbound shipping processes in a timely, easy to use manner. 

  • Eliminate the slow and error-prone process of handwriting or typing transportation documents including packing slips, carton labels and Bills of Lading. bills of lading

  • Maintain or improve your strong corporate brand and identity by creating professional looking bills of lading.

  • Reduce the chance of error along the supply chain by distributing clear, easily readable Bills of Ladings and packing slips.

  • Automatically create documents from a database of shippers, consignees, commodities, COD and 3rd party addresses.

  • Distribute documents electronically

  • Manage your shipments on-line...create reports, sort and query the database to view shipments in transit.

Create a Bill of Lading for free (up to 10)

Create 10 Bills of Lading and Packing Slips on line at no charge.

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Create. Distribute. Manage.

  • Build transportation plans and bills of lading from the creation of raw orders.

  • Urge vendors to create Bills of Lading providing visibility and insight to inbound shipments.

  • Automatically generate and assign General Ledger Codes to your bills of lading.

  • Create carton labels from each bill of lading

  • Customize the Bill of Lading and Packing Slip forms to eliminate errors and improve compliance.

Create documents, generate reports, manage shipments.